Event planning is our passion!

We are eventfieber! Our occupation is our true vocation. We love what we do and do it with passion and take a good portion of the charm of the Swiss canton of Grisons with us. We are two doers, who are different from one another the same as the word event differs from fever. Nevertheless, we harmonise and complete each other and have developed and implemented many ideas together for many years.

We both stand for passion, the exceptional and professional. Our weddings and events are memorable, magical, perfectly planned and executed.

We are already looking forward to the next wedding or event, which might be yours? We are as excited about your event as you are. In the mountains, on or by the lake, in a gondola, on the ice field, in a circus tent, in a castle garden, in a furniture store or by the sea – and we look forward to bringing a smile to your face with eventfieber.

With our expertise, common fundamental values, a good portion of humour and a lot of joy, we will realise your “sparkling moment”.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Andrea Anhorn & Olivia Derungs


Andrea Anhorn

Andrea Anhorn

The citation “Change is the only constant in life” has often been confirmed along my life path. Every change has brought renewal and growth:  something positive onto my journey like the founding of eventfever. After several-year-working experience in the field of human resources, I got tempted by the colourful and lively world of gastronomy and events. Thus, I wished to integrate my new project with all my I skills abilities and experience gathered and carried in my life-back-pack.

I take with me leadership experience, coaching skills, intuition, organisational talent, valuable network, inspiration and the joy to inspire others. Besides, I did not wish to achieve it on my own. Olivia and I are different personalities, with different strengths but with the same vision. Our clients also confirm that we harmonise wonderfully together.

I am a graduate Head of Human Resources with Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence and graduate Wedding planner VUSH / SAWI.

Olivia Derungs

Olivia Derungs

The very first few thoughts I have when it comes to events are about happy guests, unforgettable celebrations, the magic of details, emotions that bring people together – despite today’s digitisation – and guests’ appreciation.

When it comes to events, the first few flashes that come to my mind are happy guests, unforgettable celebrations, the magic of details, emotions that bring people together – despite today’s digitisation – and guests’ appreciation.

It is fascinating to have the opportunity to apply our years of experience, creativity and dedication to help realise dream events, making celebration flawlessly spectacular and distinctive. As a management assistant, organising smaller and larger events was a regular part of my job. In particular, the realisation of activities such as cooking classes, vernissages, anniversary events and significant events has sparked my fascination. It is all the better that Andrea and I have both discovered this passion and pursue it with love.

I am Management Assistant with Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and have successfully concluded a CAS in Event Management.

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